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6 Ways to Support Businesses in


Source: @thisrenegadelove

  1. Support with your dollars

Choosing to shop local can make a huge impact on small and locally-owned businesses. Shop within your means, work with whatever your budget allows, and choose Belleville whenever possible.

  1. Leave a Review

A glowing testimonial can be worth its weight in gold and costs nothing. Take some time to leave Google reviews for your favourite local businesses.

  1. Buy Gift Cards

With some local businesses having to temporarily shut their doors or pivot in a way that impacts their business negatively, purchasing gift cards now for places like spas, salons, restaurants, gyms, etc. will help to keep them afloat until they’re able to open as originally planned.

  1. Follow, Comment & Share

Social currency has real weight for small businesses. Show your support by following local businesses on social media, engaging with them and sharing their posts. It costs nothing, but can have a huge impact.

  1. Join Digital Programs

Many in-person service industries have had to close their doors and pivot to provide online services. Seek out digital fitness classes, online workshops and courses from local businesses.

  1. Volunteer your Skills

With reduced resources and having to pivot, small businesses often just need a hand to keep things afloat. Helping with graphic design, copywriting, social media, etc. is a great way to volunteer your time and skills.

Face masks worn by staff and customers

Regularly disinfect surfaces

Hand sanitizer upon entry and exit

Manage the flow of foot traffic

6 feet of separation and barriers between services

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just carefully choosing what we buy.”

–Emma Watson


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